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5 ways videos can help improve employee retention

communication engagement hr recruiting trainingvideo May 24, 2022

@citybbq is a perfect example of how a company connects and engages their Team Members in a higher purpose. Here are some of the ways their videos improved employee retention. 

I recently spent time with Rick Mahler, founder of City BBQ, and he shared 2 goals for employees… first, that it’s their best job ever AND if an employee go on to do something else, he hopes they  will always look back on it and say that it was a great job and a great learning experience… and the second goal, to make City BBQ a lifetime career. And their retention rates are very high. Why? Because there was continuous development and engagement no matter what position their team member held. 

Is your employee engagement poor? If so, it’s arguably the biggest reason for high employee turnover. This is where video can help…

1. Video can help emotionally connect through sharing internal success stories and recognition 

2. Video ca be your culture guide which is sort of an elevated employee handbook. This is a great way to help communicate company values in a recognizable and easy to identify manner.

3. Video can help with organizational transparency through updates & during employee meetings.

4. Of course training videos support employee development

5. And video can help you track analytics so you can adjust your message style or content based on metrics. 

And that’s merely the top 5 ways videos can help improve your employee retention. YOU know you are a great company to work for, but are all employees getting the same experience?  With my help they will! I'll help you share what is unique about your company in such a way that makes employees say, "I want to work for you!" So let’s get started promoting a genuine and meaningful experience that also reinforces why what they do matters. 

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About me: I help HR, training & communications leaders build their employer brand through creative, motivating, collaborative video & e-learning solutions. 

I specialize in helping brands develop and orchestrate messaging so that every solution, every idea, pushes the overall brand story forward. I explore ways to break through the "noise" of life to connect with various constituents on both an emotional and intellectual level in order to change their views, enhance their satisfaction and inspire them to actions that model the culture a company is trying to build/maintain. Whether it's interactive learning solutions, video, podcast, virtual reality, photography, or live event that drives behavior, he will evoke audience participation/conversation that pushes them to think outside their current frame of reference and experiences.

My mission is to engage the hearts and minds of employees to what a company is all about. This will both equip and inspire them to actions that reflect a culture that everyone wants to be a part of. Check out what video & e-learning have to do with employee engagement, messaging, and video solutions at

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