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We help HR, marketing, training and communications leaders produce authentic and heartfelt video, live events & eLearning

Deliver memorable, emotionally driven messaging 

Foster understanding of your company's higher purpose

Trigger actions that motivate 

with imaginative solutions

"Our partnership with CFM is strong - assisting with writing scripts. They're open to feedback & work on rapid development. The best part, CFM brought design style options for innovation approaches that improved our training team brand."

Greg Hutmacher, T-Mobile Director, Sales Learning & Development

Do you struggle with:

  • Having to deliver a training experience to a group without the time, resources or budget?
  • Finding new solutions that make boring topics more interesting & engaging?
  • Getting front-line to comply with ever-changing priorities?
  • Worrying about how to get enough staff to keep your large complex operation running?
  • Creating content for your LMS or Social Media?
  • Dealing with disconnected employees who aren't aware of the higher purpose of what your company is all about?

...I've arrived to add the sizzle to your steak!                                                                  

Why are actions & communication more important than merely shared values and beliefs?

And how does entertaining & imaginative solutions deliver heart that connects culture, employee experience, and the employee journey?


Hi, I'm Chris Martin

I'm a multi-talented, award winning Video Writer/Producer/Director and Business Storyteller that creates entertaining workplace/training videos & e-learning courses. My team and I are fueled by creating alien & human connections...

...between job expectations and performance.

...between leaders and the employees.

...between employees and customers.

...between companies and their higher purpose.

Whether it's interactive learning solutions, videos, podcasts, virtual reality, photography, or live events that drives behavior, we will compliment your unique culture with custom-design solutions - so you know that it will work! 

I got the idea for my company when I was an operations manager/trainer for Bennigan's more than 25 years ago. I struggled with engaging employees and delivering accurate and consistent training & during live events. I realized that actions and communication via video was the key. The results were so powerful, I was tasked with creating videos & producing events for the entire company. I now offer these services to other hospitality & retail companies. 

After working with clients such as Intuit, TGI Fridays, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Raising Cane's, On The Border, Dave & Buster's, and Coca Cola, I know one thing for sure - engaging the hearts and minds of employees to what your company is all about will both equip and inspire them to actions that reflect a culture that everyone wants to be a part of. 

Improve Event or Training Effectiveness

Extend Your Reach & Build Credibility

Attract New Employees 

(That Love You To The Moon & Back)

Abduct the Hearts & Minds of those Employees Neptune-ing you out

CONTACT US to learn how videos are versatile—and vital—resources for any business.

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You Deserve a Partner, Not Just a Provider or Producer

"At la Madeleine, Chris struck the perfect balance between creative and collaboration. He listened to our goals and created videos that were unique, creative and memorable."

Richard Hodges, Former VP of Operational Services

"Chris helped us dramatically improve our engagement scores and retention metrics. He helped us create messages that resonated with our employees on why they show up for work and why what they do matters."

Michele Kempley, Director of Human Resources

"Chris' out-of-the-box custom solutions deliver results like no other production team. He has a unique ability to connect with our team at all levels - from our C-Suite to the front-line."

Peter Williams, Former SVP, Wild Oats Human Resources

"My team worked with Chris for almost 2 decades. During my time at Hard Rock, Chris was always the strongest of strategic partners. His commitment to the ultimate goal, regarding quality, speed and costs were always unparalleled. I continue to value the long-standing relationship we have."
"Chris absolutely rocks!"

Jim Knight, Author & Founder of Knight Speaker

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Our productions have earned us many industry awards including 51 Telly Awards (same organization that awards Oscars... only Tellys are for industrial and commercial film/videos). Over a dozen Business Communicator Awards. Most recently we've been honored with Tellys for Chili's and Boy Scouts of America. Best in Show Auroras for On The Border & T-Mobile and 3 Business Communicator Awards for T-Mobile


1. Identify Your GOALS

What behavior or change are you trying to create in your employees and/or management?
How does your service experience need to transform?
What is tangible, believable and credible?
Our goal is to become intimate with our partners. Large, recognized brands have, at times, not even shown up to shoots based on the trust we've earned.

2. Clarify Your MESSAGING

What is the core of any idea or thoughts that employees need to hear that motivates them to change their behavior?
What's in it for them?
What is the emotional appeal?
What will empower people to use an idea through narrative?

3. Create Your SOLUTION

Determine the best way to present your messages.
May include, but not limited to role play, simulations, observations, activities, animation, interactive-experiential lecturettes, narrative, case studies, video.
What should be in AND the best way to present a video that is memorable, educational and inspiring?

4. Timely DELIVERY

What deadlines should we agree on that meets YOUR needs and training and event schedule (vs. my production schedule)? 
We have turned "award-winning" videos, from no script to delivery, within 12 hours.

5. Maximize Your ROI

How do we take this one asset and use it to enhance other business priorities?
How can we make the most of your investment?
Rarely will you find a company that cares after the project.


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1. Identify Your Change Goals

What behavior change are you trying to create in your employees? How does your service experience need to transform?

2. Clarify Your Messaging

What do employees need to hear that motivates them to change their behavior? What's in it for them?

3. Create Your Video Solution

What is the best way to present your messages? What should be in a video that is memorable, educational and inspiring?

4. Timely DELIVERY

What deadlines should we agree on that meets YOUR needs and training and event schedule (vs. my production schedule?)

5. Maximize Your ROI

How do we take this one asset and use to enhance other business priorities? How can we make the most of your investment?
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             We deliver the heart, not just creative. 

Not everything my team and I do falls neatly into one of these four practice areas, but if relates to the guest, employee or manager audience, we've probably done it. 

Orientation & Training

Sharing procedures? Include motivational messaging which will transform these experiences into opportunities to foster excitement and loyalty to the bigger purpose behind what your company is all about. 

Employee Engagement

Struggling with employee retention? Let's turn this around with consistent bite-sized strategic messaging & communication that infuses employees with a sense of purpose and evokes a sense of belonging.

Recruiting & Retention

You're a great company to work for but do potential employees know that? With our help they will! We'll help you share what is unique about your company in such a way that makes the best talent say, "I cannot wait to work with you!" 

Live Event

We help you "show, NOT merely tell" attendees something uniquemeaningful, and deeply engaging

Our goal is to connect with participants before, during and after a live conference... yielding an emotionally transformative experience that would ultimately be a change in mindset. Imagine what that can bring about.

"CFM aims to understand first and then creatively apply visual context that tells the story."

Ronnie Berry, City BBQ Chief Administrative Officer

Ready to launch your Employer
(and your own leadership)

Brand to the next level?

Great! Let's chat!

When you invest in your employees through our work together, you're setting yourself up to create meaningful change in the universe.

You and I get how important that is.

Let's co-create a customized solution that empowers you to quickly (AND consistently) engage.

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