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How to create TikTok Videos for Recruiting CASE STUDY, PT 3

citybbq communication employeeexperience employerbranding recruiting retention socialmedia tiktok video Sep 30, 2022

Have you ever tried to target right-fit candidates blindfolded? No? You don't know what you're missin'. (INSERT laugh track).

Ok so much for my terrible dad joke that I got off TikTok... but now that I have your attention, in the last two vlogs series regarding recruiting on TikTok, I talked about why may be a viable option, the benefits and all that. I was going to use this time to talk about creative content but overwhelming feedback requested that I take a behind the scenes look on how I make a TikTok video. You asked, I delivered.

In this third vlog of a three part series, I review a case study on how City BBQ is using TikTok (and Instagram) videos for recruiting. City BBQ’s challenge was "they have a great brand and are a top employer. However, they needed to share that story with the outside world." stated Ronnie Berry, Chief Administrative Officer at City BBQ. Using the same familiar methods of attracting Gen Z and millennials simply weren’t delivering.

In this video, I review the three steps to ensuring you get the maximum ROI possible...

Step 1: Used existing footageWe began by using existing footage

Step 2: Create a Hook

Step 3: Drive Value

And although the tech part of the video (shooting and uploading) may be easy, the real challenge for companies wanting to useTikTok for recruiting, and even employer branding, is all about messaging... what motivates passive and active candidates to the RIGHT actions that are in alignment with your goals?

It’s figuring out what to say that will attract right-fit employees and make them choose to apply to your company over the many other options that they have. That's where CFM can help!

About me: I help HR, training & communications leaders build their employer brand through creative, heartfelt, motivating, collaborative meetings, live events, social media, video & e-learning solutions. 

Sure, we do great video production. That is what you’d expect. And we are for sure creative. That is a bonus. But what makes us unique and one-of-a-kind is our ability to help you with the RIGHT message. We know how to work with your senior team and draw out of them their stories that will resonate with customers and employees.

We aren’t just a production firm. We are your strategic partner that will accelerate the achievement of your goals by creating unique and memorable videos for training, events, recruiting, marketing and so much more. We help you tell your story to the right audience in a way that inspires action.

So, if you’re needing help like City BBQ with recruiting videos, or like T-Mobile with training videos or like Heritage Restaurant Brands with event videos…let’s chat. Drop me an email at [email protected] to schedule a free consult to chat about your communication opportunity.

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